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While the written history of New York City only picks up around the 16th century, the region had been the provenance of indigenous populations for millennia prior to those documentations, and the blood and blessings and burdens of the Uratha were among them from the start.

Timeline of the People in New York

Event Date Summary
Black Thursday 1929-10-24 The first day of the stock market crash of 1929 that tanked the index by 90%, kicking off the Great Depression and all but erasing the Splendor Court that had dominated the Hisil throughout the Roaring Twenties.
The Great Reclamation 1985-05-19 The Pure began executing a carefully laid plan to swarm the Forsaken out of New York and drive them back.
September 11 2001-09-11 A Wound was created in the Financial District by a terrorist attack.
Day of Defiance 2006-10-06 Five packs united to resurrect the Empire Protectorate and strike back at the Anshega to drive them from primacy in New York.

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