The Red Hook Crew

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“We can get you what you want, but... do you know what you really need?”
— Jacob Blackburn

Territory: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Spheres: Crime
Members: Jacob Blackburn (Dead)
Julia Raymonde
Jessie Carlisle
Luca (Dead)
Themes: Idealism and Strife
Supply And Demand

Our mission

  • To provide for the City
  • To monitor the Black Market
  • To push for an equitable Danse Macabre

Who we are

The Red Hook Crew are a collective of Kindred who specialise in getting you what you need. You know, the things you can't just get from the store. Special things. We're also committed members of the Movement. Don't expect us not to charge you more if you're not.

Where to find us

Red Hook. It's in the name. Best not to come without an invitation though. Reach out to Julia if you have business.