The Iroquois Hotel

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The Iroquois Hotel
Operated by Caroline Banks, the 13th floor is a dedicated Kindred Elysium, hosting a variety of rooms. A lounge for casual meet ups, a large hall for court, private conference rooms for smaller meetings, and 20 guest rooms for Kindred in need of a place to sleep for the day. None of these are free of course, but one can rest assured that no sunlight will reach them and no mortal will happen upon an undead corpse.

  • Use of Disciplines inside Elysium is prohibited.
  • The Elysium is for Kindred and Ghouled only. Thralled mortals may only visit the bar on the first floor.
  • Court is regularly held here in the large hall.


Borough Manhatten
Summary An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls on the 13th floor.
Sphere Vampire
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