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 The Devil's Respite nightclub looks at first like any other nightclub features in the Bronx of New York city, except it's reputation far exceeds it's appearance. As the saying goes, "What happens at the Respite, stays at the Respite." The club is owned by Aurora Voss, and she keeps a very firm hand on what goes on in her club to make sure that those who arrive at the Devil's Respite are well cared for, provided they aren't causing problems. As such, the place is a hot bed of nefarious and hedonistic activities, offering both a public floor and a private VIP lounge, along with a few private rooms for those capable of affording them. The place also is only open when the sun goes down, to limit the exposure it could have to those who might try to take too close of a look into the place.


 There are two main floors of the Devil's Respite. The dance and bar floor at ground level, and the VIP Loung area up above. The more public venue of the club looks like what you'd expect. Bright lights surrounding a stage for performers, a large dance floor beneath the stage as well as a bar and lounge area seated off to the side. There's a glass wall separating the dance floor from the bar/lounge area, allowing for those, the glass designed to help keep the volume lower in the bar/lounge area to allow for people to actually hear themselves speak, as that's not something possible in many nightclubs. There were also private booths with closable curtains for added privacy in the bottom lounge area, just for those parties who desire it.

The upper VIP area offer another lounge, though this one kept much more private. Instead of simply booths with curtains, it also offers private rooms to allow for maximum privacy for anyone with the money. The VIP area gives a perfect view of the dance floor below and connects to the public loung/bar area. Only those with Aurora's permission are allowed into the VIP area, most gaining such through offering wealth or simply spending some private time with the club owner.

OOC Information/Settings

The Devil's Respite is open to any and all characters. While it is not strictly a supernatural location, one can ask the owner or one of the club's benefactors(the other two members of the Apostles of Sin coterie) for a private room in the VIP area to allow for open supernatural discussion without mortals present, provided they -know- to do so(If you don't know it's owned by a supernatural entity, doesn't make sense to ask for this).

The Devil's Respite is considered a Safe Place at rank five(Four at the moment till the third member of the coterie's sheet is sanctioned), as it is owned by Aurora and financed by both herself and her coterie. It can also be closed at any time by them.

Please keep all of this in mind when utilizing the room for whatever scenes you may wish to have there.

The Devil's Respite is not an Elysium, and as such does not have that status or specific protections that Elysium holds.

The Devil's Respite Nightclub
Established: Three Years Ago
Location: The Bronx
Owner: Aurora Voss