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“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Cupboard Goblin is an antiques shop and bookstore located in Queens in the Flushing neighborhood. It specialises in a myriad array of odds and ends and the shelves are stocked with random knick-knacks, from hard to find items to random mundane ones. The Goblin takes donations and the owner, Saoirse, also stocks the store with her random finds. Chairs, watches, posters, globes, desks, tables, maps, roller blades, mirrors, the array of items is random and ever-changing. Regarding books most of the items are restored by the owner and vary from rare to, mostly, merely old.

The Goblin will also seek to procure a specific item for a customer, if they can give the owner a good enough lead.

The Goblin will also restore any damaged antique for a price, with a specialty in book restoration.

Trades are accepted currency and encouraged

The Store

The CBG is located in a fairly non-descript white and tan clapboard building with bars on the windows, next-door to a beauty salon, and across the street from Knickerbocker Medical Care. The somewhat out-of-place sign above the door sheds light on what the establishment is, The Cupboard Goblin. The door has a smattering of fliers and a couple stickers. These include weekly Food Not Bombs papers and fliers advertising local bands, usually punk shows. Stickers on the door include one declaring ‘BLM’ and also a Pride flag. The windows do not readily allow a glimpse inside the building, pasted over as the are and behind black metal bars to boot.

The Cupboard Goblin’s interior is a crowded space, three rooms stuffed full of random antiques and books as well as a few modern books and an array of simple junk, without rhyme or reason. Various glass cases display this or that, some things are on the floor or regular shelving, and so on. The place is kept somewhat dark, illuminated only be warm colored lamps, as the windows do not allow much natural light into the building.

It is sometimes difficult to move about the store but by single file, save for the area around the entry and the area around the counter and cash register, stuffed to the brim as it is. At the back of the store is a wood-and-glass counter (with various items locked behind its case) and the cash-register as well as a sign saying “Inquiries on Goods Here – Hedge Your Bets On Us”. Behind the counter are two doors, one bright red, the other bright blue.

A boxy tv hangs atop a shelf in the back, near the register. The television is perpetually playing episodes of The Muppet Show, ranging the run of the episodes from the ‘70s. The TV is usually muted and music is playing, softly, over dated speakers hung about the store. A flag for New York City FC hangs behind the counter too, and an array of other pennants and random items.

The Cupboard Goblin retains essentially the same position for Changelings as it does among customers of the mundane variety, thus all the above applies. Here, however, the owner will deal in Hedge goods – she will procure desired Hedge items as well as make purchases at Goblin Markets on behalf of customers, for sought after items they might want to procure, and will provide herself as a guide to the Market.

The CBG is a complicit business in the criminal arena of NYC. The owner will accept stolen goods, no questions, and she will also act as an informant, depending on the nature of the situation and the rewards involved. Rumour has it the Genovese Family has their hands in the cookie jar that is the CGB.

The Proprietor
Saoirse Hobfen runs the CBG. She’s a young Irishwoman of cheery, if distracted, disposition, albeit easily irritable as well. Saoirse will likely greet any new arrival in the shop and she will likely come with a Pokeball cupcake, of a chocolate variety, to offer, before giving a proper greeting and inquiry as to the new customer's wants.

Saoirse, the, usually, friendly owner and operator
Business Name
Location: Jamaica, Queens, NYC
Owner: Saoirse Hobfen

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