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Folklorist |:| PhD folklorist, has all the knowledge on mundane folklore, and if she doesn't already know it, she has the research skills to find the answer. Sylvie is a published academic and well respected by her peers.

Collector |:| Sylvie has several collections from books to Victorian Hair Work, and yes, it's all organized in excruciating detail. Her collection includes what she refers to as The Archive of the Hedge, a collection of information about active Fetches, changeling goings-on, Hedge activity, and anything she could scrounge up on Arcadia and its denizens.

Unique Fashion Sense |:| Sylvie has made her own clothes for as long as anyone but her mother can remember. These days, her fashion sense is heavily inspired by Victorian garments. No, she won't sew that thing for you.

Queer |:| Sylvie, despite being somewhat insular, is a poly-amorous bisexual, and proud. Though she has never been the type to wave a flag or wear a t-shirt, she does her best never to let people think she's anything else.

Accomplished musician |:| After the disappearance of her most treasured love, Sylvianne picked up the harp as a way to self-soothe and get out of her own head. There are an elite few who have ever had the pleasure of her performance.

Unconventional Combat |:| Sylvianne has never held a gun, never learned a martial art, and doesn't relish the idea of getting into a fight, but they do occasionally find her. Ever since she first ventured into the Hedge, she knew it would be vital that she gain some kind of combat experience. It was wildly important to her that she never be caught without a way to get herself out. Now, Sylvie can improvise a weapon out of almost anything.