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Relentless is so named for their retributive and indefatigable tenacity while on the Hunt. Bonded together in the early months of 2021, these packmates zealously guard one another and their territory. Remarkable for a destructive degree of firepower, tactical prowess, and technical expertise, they often act as a high-impact strike force and "cleaner" pack. They have extensive experience with all things related to Death resonance, the Underworld, and the most esoteric and macabre occult. Whether intentional or not, they've cultivated a legendary reputation.

Contact: Fenton Haywood

Territory: Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the western quarter of Evergreen Cemetery



  • The composition of Relentless has changed over time, but they have never had an alpha.
  • For their dark hair, dark eyes, brooding dispositions, and mutual damage-dealing capabilities, Fenton and Sierra are colloquially referred to as "the Twins" among New York wolves.
  • Zoe and Sierra have been friends since they were teenagers in New York, and were both in Aleppo together during the Syrian War.
  • Ruthie seemingly appeared out of nowhere, suddenly part of the pack one day and treated by the others as dearly as kin. She's close to all of them, but particularly Sierra.
  • Zoe is part of the St. Clair family, one of the established Urdaga lines in New York.
  • Fenton is former Pure, and his Gauru form is the embodied likeness of the silver-furred Hathis-Ur.


  • They played an instrumental role in putting down the lightning Claimed, Gerald Sutton, Jr.
  • They eliminated a powerful greed Ensah that had amassed a cult of followers and taken residence in the New York Life Building.
  • The purged the Azlu threat from the Bronx underground.
  • Killed countless Asah Gadar at Ossining, including Veronica Zaruto.
  • Traveled to the Underworld and the Dead Dominions to fight The Symbol.
  • Destroyed six Maeltinet at the Evergreen Cemetery Death Wound, secured it and cleansed it.