RP Logs

From Dark City

Posting logs is optional, unless you are STing.

Posting a Log

Posting a log is simple. Just follow these easy step-by-step instructions, and then all of your logs can be pretty and wikified, too!

  1. Login: Make sure that you have a wiki login, and that you are logged in. In the top right of the screen, you may see a link to log in / create account. If you do, then you are not logged in. Click that link, and log in.
  2. Permission: Any scenes involving NPCs must be logged on the site. For scenes involving PCs only, you are required to get all participants approval before posting the log.
  3. Link: Type in the title of your log below and hit 'Create Log'. This will take you to a page where you can paste in the contents of your log. Further instructions can be found there.


Spoiler Warning

  • The contents of these pages can and will contain secrets. Do not use any of the information contained therein in any sort of IC or metagaming capacity. You will not get a warning; you will be banned immediately.


  • Bah bah bah bah bah. 🗞️ Do not post the Very Adult Content, please. Those are yours, we don't want to see them.

Notepad++ Log Cleanup Regex


Use Notepad++, TextMate, Atom, or another "smart" raw .txt editing word processor. Use the Find and Replace feature with Regular Expression ("Regex") selected.

  • Find: Today at \d(\d)?:\d\d .M\R
  • Replace: \n
  • Change "Today" to whatever else, yesterday, etc, depending on the log. This will delete the time stamps.
  • Find: ^\(.+\)$\R
  • Replace: Nothing
  • This will delete anything in double parentheses.
  • To automatically bold names and line breaking, then Find + Replace All "Firstname Lastname" for each character involved in the scene, with <br><br>'''Firstname Lastname:'''<br>. There may also be an em-dash, for example, "Christopher Paige —", in which case, you would Find + Replace All "Christopher Paige —" with <br><br>'''Christopher Paige:'''<br>.