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Staff will do their best to keep this page up to date, but we may fall behind and forget sometimes, so do feel free to ping in the Discord server or open a ticket to inquire!


No plots yet!


 StorytellerCastPlot Summary
New Hope Lutheran ChurchYoGrendelArlene Kinsey, Laura ThompsonPaladin and Espy investigate a Hallow under New Hope Lutheran Church.
SuspireYoGrendelJohnathan Stockel, Arlene Kinsey, Laura Thompson, Jay Watts, Rebecca WillowsThe Jericho Cabal digs into a new mystery, starting with an evil talking doll.


 StorytellerCastPlot Summary
The ProgramRaddishRusty Murphy, Angel Cleary, Eric Schmidt, Daryl SuttonThe Program seeks new recruits.

Mortal+ (Special)

 StorytellerCastPlot Summary
Shadows CastJJHelen Wachter, Ralph Wachter, Lisbet Shelly, Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Kyle Henley, Hasil Hurst, Jenny Nelson, Carl Nelson, Briar Shelly, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Erica ChanningFour children once went missing in the dark woods of Appalachia. This is their story.