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Staff will do their best to keep this page up to date, but we may fall behind and forget sometimes, so do feel free to ping in the Discord server or open a ticket to inquire!

Mortal & Mortal+/Plots



Vampire Plots


Foreign Courts will be a greater part of the developing metaplot within the Vampire Sphere.

Current & Upcoming Plots

Past Plots

Geist Plots

Meta Plot

  • The Quietus - Being dead isn’t easy. And among the Bound of New York, there’s an unsung call to take care of our own. Though lately our nights are filled with strange dreams. From all over the world, New York is once again calling to its people, though this time the bell tolls for the ephemeral watchmen known as the Sin-Eaters. Nights fill us with dread, an ache… a death rattle in the base of our spines. Emotions are heightened. Fear is tangible. Something is reaching for us from beyond. The usual current of the Underworld has grown heavier and with it a pull on our sensibilities. Known among the Twilight Network as the Quietus, we’ve narrowed down that it’s these Avernian Gates it’s leaking from. And like a heavy rapping, we’re all a little anxious to answer the door.
    • Sin-Eaters mainly, Death Tilted Mortals/Mortal+ Depending

Current & Upcoming Plots

  • The Symbol - A strange symbol is showing up in odd places.
    • Sin-Eaters, Death Tilted Mortal/+
  • Normandy Building - More info coming soon.
    • Sin-Eaters, Death Tilted Mortal/+

Past Plots

Civil Society Plots

Arts Media and Society

No current plots.


  • Spire - Someone is buying up all the warehouse and office space in Long Island City.


  • Yakuza Nights - A street race gone wrong has ended up in retribution.

Law & Government


No current plots.

Past Plots