Oliver Jones

From Dark City

Oliver Jones
The Knight of Pentacles

The Mask:
Pronouns:  He/Him 1f3f3-26a7.png 1f3f3-1f308.png
Age:  39
Height:  5ft 10in
Weight:  211 lbs
Occupations:   Personal Trainer
The Mein:
Height:  7ft 2in
Weight:  685 lbs
Seeming:  Ogre
Kith:  Gristlegrinder
Court:  Summer
Titles:  None
Motley:  None
Needle:  Commander
Thread:  Acceptance
Public Effects:   Status: Wyrd •••
  Mantle (Summer) •
  Giant •••
  Themesongs:  The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie - Colter Wall
Player:  Magicalraddish