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Staff: Raddish


Open Spots: Unlimited

Type of Game: Mundane Humans dealing with the Supernatual

Location: The Town of Jericho and the surrounding woods.

Storyline One: The Legend of Wi'a'catta

Storyline Two: Soul My Soul to the Company Store

Mortal will be a playable splat in our Jericho chronicle! More information will be added to this page soon.

"Life down in the Hollar ain't near as simple as it looks."

Welcome to Mortal!

If you'd like to create a Mortal character, the application to do so will be posted to this page on June 1st, 2023.


Deep in a sleepy hollar lies the town of Jericho. The old bones of Appalachia rise up from the ground around the little town, insulating it from the rest of the modern world. People have been wandering these hills since time immemorial, but stories have always been told of others that have been here even longer.

The town of Jericho was first built in the early 1800's, however it didn't really bloom into anything until the mid-1870's when a massive coal vein was found along the western mountain. The small town prospered as folks moved out from the country side to take good paying jobs at the mine. Business opened to support the influx of workers and things where good for quiet a few years. However, the folks of Jericho know well that times of prosper never last too long. The mine dried up after twenty or so years, and the jobs began to wither. The rich did what they always do, and the fortune of black goal those miners died to dig up wasn't shared with their kin.

As industry faded, the people who had built their lives here now found themselves trapped. Poverty swept the small town and people were forced to live simple lives to make ends meet. The hollar became quiet once again, and those tales of dark things began to be told again, stories of creatures moving through the woods and luring people from their homes never to be seen again. Mysterious disappearances and even the odd murder or two.

A new light is around the corner for the people of Jericho, at least that is what Mayor Jackson is preaching. Luxidine Industries showed up in the Hollar a few years ago building a factory up near the old quary. They made promises of new jobs for the people of Jericho as soon as the factory is open. Now they are promising that the doors will open soon and bring a flood of wealth back into the hollar.

Hopefully it isn't as bad as the last time rich folk promised the people of Jericho a fortune.


  • Strange Thing's in them Hills - Folks been telling tales about Wi'a'catta, or Ol` Blackeyes as some call it, for as long as anyone can remember, and I don't recon that is going to change anytime soon. Wi'a'catta got as many shapes as folks telling the stories and no one really knows what it wants. My cousin swears to go Wi'a'catta lead him and his buddies out of Broken Ridge when they were just kids, but Mrs. Catternaw swears that Ol` Blackeyes ate her pawpaw. Everyone knows he was just a drunk and probably just ran off.
  • Threatening a Way of Life - Luxdine Industries promises to bring new life blood to Grey County, and lord knows the place needs it since the mines shut down back in the seventies. Work is set to begin in the next couple months, but no one is really sure exactly what it is they are doing out on that property they bought. They promised lots of new jobs, but so far, all the workers they are bringing in are from somewhere else and they don't have much to do with the locals. Lots of rumors floating around about what they are really doing out there.
  • Quiet Town, Loud Drama - From the outside looking in, Grey County seems about as sleepy as they come. The People of Jericho and the surrounding towns mostly keep to themselves and just focus on making it from day to day. It only takes a light scratch to break the surface and find the twisted web that lies beneath. A long history of love, hate, and betrayal is waiting to be uncovered about the people who call these woods home.


This information will be posted by June 1, 2023.

House Rules

Supernatural Merits - No character may take a Supernatural Merit at character creation and can only be purchased after creation with ST approval.

Custom Content

Mortal will not be accepting Custom Content submissions for the Jericho chronicle.



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