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Marcy Chalmers

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which she never shows to anybody."


Marcy is a button-nosed and blonde haired American woman of average height, slim though not athletic. Her most striking feature is most often the first thing noticed about her – Marcy’s left iris is white. This alone is an abnormal colour and notable, but what makes this peculiarity more pronounced is the colour contrast with her right eye, it being a deep blue. Her eye contributes to an alarming appearance, her stare offering some type of discomfort - at least that one eye. Something seems wrong about it, something deeper than what is on the surface. Her round lips seem to be perpetually in a slight frown and her RBF is inevitably, naturally, ever-conjured. Her right outer wrist displays a small tattoo – a butterfly whose body is a skull, while above it is a horseshoe with the number 13 in it. Marcy’s taste in fashion Millennial Hipster and she blends with the hip-oriented of her generation.

Marcy’s accent is quintessential American, largely void of regional dialect saving for the occasional word that betrays a Pacific Northwest origin, where things like bag become bayg and leg becomes layg. Marcy has a lower alto-tone voice with a hint of texture, grit and the vocal fry common in younger American women today.

Of the Wolf
When the Moon demands it, as it does monthly, Marcy becomes inhuman. As a classic Werewolf of lore, she erupts into a painful transformation, not blessed with any Harmony, her clothing is torn and her body breaks. A beastly near-wolf, dire, massive jaws, a hunched monster easily found on Medieval etchings that warn travellers away from the dark woods. Her fur is jet black, her back arched, and that additional tell, the white eye, remains, betraying who she is to those clever enough, or in their mind enough, to see what she is.


Roleplaying Hooks

Howlin' Wolf
Marcy used to record under the nom de guerre The After Party. She was signed, with Big Apple Records, but she never made good on her deal. She released only one EP (Stalker vs Super Stalker) and a single (Black Bars), the first a four song disc in 2017, and the second a two song record in 2019. She’d accumulated a healthy 2,000 listeners on Spotify, who monthly ear-worm her total of six songs. Marcelene abruptly quit her deal, mid-album, in November 2021 and has dropped off the musical radar. Her fame in this arena is subsequently fairly small, but the occasional bar patron knows her face; the hipper the hipster, the more likely they know her -- the eye helps with identification.
Her musician's style is billed as an ‘Experimental-Folk Indie Sound’, with intense, sultry yet raspy vocals, like a lounge singer meets a folk artist what produces a neo-grunge sound. For those really in the know, they might be familiar with Marcy's old music act, a Grunge-Country/American Gothic band called Too Far For Gracie, but now one is wading into elitist hipster territory.
- Marcelene is performing small-venue gigs now, as her own 'agent'. She picks up bar shows, mostly dive bars, and she also busks. This is the extent of her musical career right now. Maybe you've caught a show, or maybe you saw her perform in the past? Perhaps you happen to be a Spotify listener, or are familiar with her EPs?

The Raconteurs
Marcy is Robert Chalmers cousin. If you're close to Robert, you probably know Marcy. She's a known neo-beatnik partner of his, spending time spinning poetry, a karaoke buddy, and the two sometimes head Upstate, on hunting trips.
- Maybe you've run into Marcy during poetry night with Robert, or just been around with the two of them at the bar.

Did You Bring Your Own Bag?
Marcy's sacking herself from her musical career led her into a frustrating job search full of rejection and failure. She at last has managed to be hired on as a cashier at Whole Foods, in Central Harlem.
- Perhaps you checked out through Marcy's line. Her eye is an easy way to remember her, as well as her incredibly shitty attitude and utter lack of enthusiasm at being there.

Fishmonger's Slab
Marcy had a dive from her music career back in the Pacific Northwest. She worked a gig as a Dock-Worker and a Fishmonger. She grabbed the same occupation, albeit incredibly briefly, in New York City about a year back. She quite her hated-job to focus more on her music.
- Maybe you bought fish from her at the counter. She'd be easy enough to remember, her eye is a dead give away.

Nickname(s): Marcy
Age: Probably Around Thirty
Height: 1.65 m (165 cm) or 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight: Kg : 58 kg or 128 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue (right), White (left)
Occupation: Jobless
Pack: Whiskey Business
Tell(s): Shape Shifted; Evil Eye
Notable Traits:
Danger Sense
Fame (Musician) •
Closed Book •••••
Status (Arts, Media & Society - Musicians) •
Striking Looks (Alarming) •
Played By: Gorgonzola



Rumours & Deeds

  • Marcelene, Lena Navarre, and Daniel Bosch found a Verge, entered, and rescued missing children after besting Miss Mary Mack in a series of deadly games.
  • Marcelene, Sierra Roen, and Anna Costea rescued Raconteur and Kelly Byrd from the Gauntlet and the clutches of a sinister spirit, stopping the treacherous Allison Byrd and Xiomara Benoit-Toussaint from sacrificing them to a this dangerous spirit, which offered power in exchange for lives. The trio were too late to save Sigrid from being sacrificed, whose heart Allison consumed. The rescue turned violent and Marcelene killed Xio, shooting her in the throat with an arrow, while Sierra dispatched Allison, whose location is now unknown as the tunnels collapsed, possibly killing her.
  • Contacts

    • Daniel 'Slides' Bosch - "Shifty-Eyes Slides makes me feel bad about all the shit I gave the police back home with small town bullshit. He's stuck his neck out for me, above and beyond. The personal shit, his willingness, I'm not sure I can succinctly express what it means to me, for him to do this. I'm too scabby. Slides is a sweetheart, a modern knight without the bullshit. Oh and he smells fucking amazing."
    • Lena Navarre - "She's insurmountable. I can't help but compare myself to Lena and I fall well fuckin' short. She's everything I should be, should've been... and she's eight years younger than me. I guess I'm saying that I think she's brilliant, a prodigy. I'm a better person for knowing her, even more so to call her a friend."
    • Raymond Massey - "Ray said... 'Find your People. Find your purpose. Find your soul.' Goddamn I wish he knew how badly I want to. That's why I'm here, I think. Anyway... Ray is... poetry in motion - here's to you, Johnny Tillotson. Ray's primordial, he's laconic, discerning, abyssal. He's helped shake the unstable foundations I'd built for myself. Maybe I wanted him to."
    • Zoe St. Clair - "I look at Red the way most people look at a tiger. Or... maybe a unicorn. She's fuckin' magic and I just pray my jaw is not slack when I stare. She vibrates on a level and a dimension I cannot understand and probably never will. Some people are born to talk to Angels, Zoe is one of those people. I'll have to settle with asking her to translate from down here, in the mud."
    • Lex Delune - "Lex is my friend. I don't loosely use the word 'friend' here, she's that elusive 'best friend' that people talk about, the only person I consider that solid. I feel like I grew up with her, or maybe this is what having a sister would be like."
    • Sam Garguilo - "My Sam. Sam's a nice guy. And I mean the Nice Guy, caps. Likeable, endearing, warm, says the right things at the right time, has a jawline you could cut glass on. It's like the universe is fucking with me, sending down this living dichotomy to my being and smooshing us together. I pity him for thinking I'm worth his while, but we can only put up 'Danger, Don't Swim Here' signs. We can't keep people out of the water."

    NPC Connections

    • Raconteur - "A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man's brother kills him; then the other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another. Then the cousins chip in. That's a Mark Twain quote, from Huck Finn. I think the point is about the lunacy of feuds and family loyalty. I guess I get the opposite meaning from what is intended. Our dad's are brothers, mine and Bobby's. They'd kill for each other. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree... I'd do the same, for Bobby. Family, ya know?"


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