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This is being replaced with the new Territory map soon!


Title Borough Sphere Summary Resources
1 Park Lane Manhattan Supernatural Hypermodern Skyscraper
169 Bar Manhattan Werewolf A historically seedy bar
68th Precinct Brooklyn All A disused precinct building
6½ Avenue Manhattan Changeling Hedge Gate
A Subway Station All Civil Society Subway stations dot New York City, and any number of goings-on can go down in them.
AIRE Ancient Baths Manhattan All A luxury spa and bathhouse
Bannerman Castle Out of Town Changeling Gatherpoint for the Changelings of NYC
Blue Moon Grill Bronx Werewolf A Uratha/Blooded inclined diner.
Bow Bridge Manhattan Werewolf A cast iron bridge in Central Park, the second oldest in America, with magnificent views of the Lake and into the Ramble.
Broadway Manhattan Civil Society Broadway is a street that runs through the heart of Manhattan, and while it's over 30 miles long, people generally associate it with the stretch that runs through the Theater District of Manhattan.
Bronx Botanical Gardens Bronx Over a million plants across 250 acres, with multiple habitat greenhouses and a library with the world's largest collection of botany-related texts.
Brooklyn Naval Hospital Brooklyn Most of the Naval Hospital has been transformed, but the Surgeon's Residence has been untouched for decades. There's a cemetery here as well.
Cabinet of Horrors Queens Changeling Cabinet of Horrors amusement park run my Charles Throkmorton
Calvert Vaux Cove Brooklyn Changeling A beach and boat graveyard.
Casa Cipriani Manhattan Vampire A members-only club affiliated with the legendary Cipriani's.
Central Park Manhattan The most-filmed location in the world, Central Park is an expansive urban park in the heart of Manhattan.
Cest la vie Brooklyn Changeling Spring Court Hollow, Restaurant.
Chelsea Piers Manhattan A sports and entertainment complex with every recreational activity under, and out of, a driving range, ice rinks, a bowling alley, wedding venues, private docks, a fitness club, laser tag, and more.
Church of the Good Shepherd Bronx Vampire A sanctified Sanctuary.
City Hall Station Manhattan Werewolf A decommissioned, but opulent terminal where the Storm Lords assemble, when they choose to.
Coney Island Brooklyn Fun Brooklyn seaside neighborhood with retro fairground rides, an aquarium, beaches & pier.
Corbin Building Manhatten Changeling Corbin Building Winter Hollow
Death and Company Brooklyn Werewolf A casual atmosphere bar, restaurant, and lounge with private back rooms that are People only.
Elevated Acre Manhattan Werewolf In the heart of the Financial District, the Elevated Acre is a Manhattan Oasis, verdant and lush, scenic and tranquil, overlooking the rest of the busy downtown bustle.
Fifth Avenue Manhattan Civil Society A major thoroughfare synonymous with high-end fashion and luxury living.
Fort Wadsworth Staten Island Werewolf One of the oldest military installations in the nation, closed in 1994.
Freedom Tunnel Manhattan All An abandoned tunnel/art gallery
Gantry Plaza State Park Queens A former dockyard in Long Island City with a decidedly industrial feel.
Governors Island Brooklyn Civil Society A 170+ acre island in New York Harbor with arts and cultural events open to the public during warmer months. Lovely spot for a picnic.
Grand Central Terminal Manhattan An iconic train station known for its grand facade & main concourse, also offering shops & dining.
Great Observatory Manhattan Changeling Autumn Hollow on the roof of 550 Central Park West
Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn Geist A walkable, 'living' cemetery with celebrated architecture, paths, and an arboretum.
Hamburg Ruins Jersey City Vampire An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls.
Harlem Manhattan Undeserving of its reputation for being dangerous, Harlem is a cultural center for jazz, cuisine, eateries, performing arts, and an abundant nightlife scene.
Hell's Kitchen Manhattan A neighborhood in West Manhattan that's started to outgrow its dodgy reputation.
Hudson Waterfront Jersey City Civil Society A thriving area of commerce on the Hudson waterfront offering sweeping views of Manhattan.
Hudson Yards Manhattan A recently built, high-cost real estate development with shops, offices, residences, and a public plaza.
Hǽth Out of Town Changeling Private Hollow of Dr. Adelaide-Maebh Lovelace
Jumping Jack Pump House Brooklyn A rotting power plant on the corner of the Brooklyn waterfront.
La Cornucopia Queens Changeling Goblin Market of NYC
La Plaza Cultural Manhattan All A community garden and event site
Lincoln Center Manhattan Civil Society A performing arts complex of dozens of buildings that are host to some of the most prestigious performances in the world.
Loews 46th Street Theater Brooklyn Werewolf A long abandoned theater now covered in dust, where the Gauntlet is unnaturally thick.
Midnight Circus Bronx Changeling An amusement park/circus owned by Jaskeerat Mamar
Morris Jumel Mansion Manhattan Geist This 1765 mansion atop Mount Morris is the oldest house in Manhattan & a museum open for tours.
Museum Mile Manhattan Civil Society Museum Mile is located in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood on the Upper East Side, and is named for a concentrated group of museums along Fifth Avenue.
New York State Pavilion Queens Werewolf A historic world's fair pavilion at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, once home to the 1962 and 1964 World's Fairs.
North Brother Island Queens Vampire An abandoned, quarantined island south of Queens.
O'DAAT Club Brooklyn Temperance Bar
Oscar Wilde Manhattan Elaborately designed, Victorian-style bistro with a long marble bar for cocktails & American bites..
P.S. 186 Manhattan A shut down school with a sordid history that's being slowly taken back by growth.
Pebble Beach Brooklyn A pebble-studded beach with a view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, and the Manhattan skyline in the distance.
Penumbra Hall Manhattan Werewolf The underground, massive library of the Bone Shadows.
Persephone Laboratories Queens Vampire A private research facility and product development laboratory.
Petra Island NA Werewolf A Heart Shaped Island that's been passed down through the St. Clair family
Pinnacle Sports Club Jersey City Vampire A "private sports club" for the Kindred of New York and Jersey City.
Please Don't Tell Manhattan Crossover A speakeasy with a secret phonebooth entrance through a hot dog shop next door.
Raines Law Room Manhattan Vampire A low-key but sophisticated speakeasy with private rooms for Kindred and Ghoul VIPs.
Red Hook Grain Terminal Brooklyn Werewolf Dilapidated grain terminal that the Blood Talons claim as their own, riddled with dangerous obstacles.
Saint Lilith Bar Brooklyn Darkly lit bar and music venue on Greenpoint's northern end hosting metal bands & their enthusiasts. Home to several legendary performances. Occasionally rowdy.
Schulyer Cemetery Bronx Mortal+ A cemetery teeming with mostly harmless ghosts and death spirits.
Serenity Funeral Home Manhatten Changeling Serenity Funeral Home
Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison Out of Town Werewolf The maximum security prison that's also home to a Wound.
Sisyphus Stones Manhattan Dozens of stacked stones line the Hudson river and seem to gaze out into the distance.
Sparks Steak House Manhattan Geist Select meats, seafood, salads & a deep wine list offered in a clubby atmosphere, open since 1966.
St. George Terminal and Ferries Staten Island Civil Society One of the last remaining vestiges of an entire ferry system in New York City
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral Manhattan Geist Catholic cathedral & landmark built in early 19th century, formerly seat of Archdiocese of New York.
Staten Island Boat Graveyard Staten Island Werewolf An eerie boat graveyard and marine scrapyard off the Fresh Kills Landfill of Staten Island.
Staten Island Castle Staten Island Vampire The Chapterhouse of the Ordo Dracul of New York
Sugar Me Scents Brooklyn Changeling Sugar Me Scents
Taphouse Brewery & Pub Queens Multi-sphere Mystery Cult A public taphouse with a private library and safe place hidden above.
The 97th Floor Manhattan Crossover A high-rise bar that exclusively permits supernatural guests.
The Algonquin Hotel Manhattan Geist Near theaters and dining options in Midtown, this elegant storied hotel dating from 1902 is just a quick walk from Times Square.
The Bathhouse Queens Vampire The main temple for Circle of the Crone.
The Belasco Theater Manhattan Geist Theater designed to give the audience proximity to the stage & featuring Everett Shinn murals.
The Cloisters Manhattan A medieval art and architecture museum with old world cloisters around its exterior.
The Crow Sea Medina Out of Town Changeling Privateers Market of NYC
The Cupboard Goblin Queens Changeling
The Devils Playground Manhattan Werewolf A rooftop that looks down along the heights of the city, patrolled by the Hunters in Darkness.
The Edge at Hudson Yards Manhattan Vampire An observation deck that doubles as a useful, stylish meeting location.
The Forge Queens Werewolf A Uratha/Blooded Only Fitness Gym.
The Hangman's Elm Manhattan All The Hangman's Elm in Washington Park
The Hind Bronx Supernatural A supernatural dive bar.
The Iroquois Hotel Manhatten Vampire An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls on the 13th floor.
The Last Chapter Queens Geist A small, jammed bookshop run by a helpful old gentleman with a soft spot for ghosts and Bound.
The Lowline Manhattan An underground park with synthetic flora.
The Lyceum Manhattan Vampire The oldest Broadway theatre in America.
The Parasol Gallery Staten Island Vampire An Elysium for Kindred only to explore macabre arts.
The Rose Garden The Bronx Changeling A Courtless Hollow, a haunted garden full of beautiful secrets.
The Shed the Bronx Werewolf A place to crash, home of Jet Jenko
The Tempest Lounge Manhattan Geist A well-known club for Sin-Eaters and their in-the-know guests.
The Terminal Brooklyn Vampire
Times Square Manhattan The globally recognizable major commercial intersection, tourist destination and entertainment center.
Track 61 Manhattan Werewolf A decommissioned subway track that once transported U.S. Presidents, the Iron Masters now use it as a channel to slip about the city unseen.
Tunnel Number 3 Manhattan All A tunnel under construction
Verboten Brooklyn Vampire An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls.
Victory Hall Bronx Changeling Tavern Hollow in the Midnight Circus
Wave Hill Bronx Werewolf A scenic public garden in the Bronx, situated on the slopes and overlooking the Hudson River
Webster Hall Manhattan Vampire Nightclub and concert hall.
Weihnachtsmarkt Out of Town Changeling Winter Markt