La Cornucopia

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La Cornucopia You slip through a crack in a wall of an old red-bricked house this was a former warehouse and a graffiti artist did paint a memorial to remember sadder times that shall not happen again. You walk along with the Trod. And there you are at the La Cornucopia, the market holds in regularity but every time it is a different day and a different time so that they could not get tracked that easily. The Hedge around here was interesting The roof of the bricked warehouse broke away and the house was swallowed by the greenery of the hedge. In the middle, a big tree grew and the stands are in tiny thatched huts that belonged to a hobgoblin vendor each. The market and the huts are connected through a series of rope ladders, bridges, vines, and catwalks.

Of course, the La Cornucopia had laws and they will make you obey the laws.

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Borough Queens
Summary Goblin Market of NYC
Sphere Changeling
Resources 1
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