John Horne

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Sheriff John Horne
Sheriff Horne.jpeg
BirthdateFebruary 23, 1948
ConceptAging Lawman
StatusDead NPC


The aging Sheriff has overseen the Grey County Sheriff’s department for nearly thirty years, and his grip over the county is certainly starting to show. He got his start as a deputy in the late seventies and by the early nineties was elected as Sheriff. He made a name for himself cleaning up the Methamphetamine epidemic that swept through the hollar, however no problem stays away forever.

RP Hooks

Getting too old for this: Sheriff Horne has been in this game for a long time, and many are starting to say maybe too long. However he has good hopes for the next election.

Short on staff: The Grey County Sheriff's Office never had too many applicants, but in the past few years that pool seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Its turning into the wild west around here agian.

House Calls: Sheriff Horne is still known to make house calls for those he has a good relationship with, and this low level coruption is just accepted as fact around these parts.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A Routine Stop Grey County Sheriff's Department Angel Cleary, John Horne Lingering trauma from Angel's time in the Program interferes with his normal life, with tragic results.