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Junker's Auto Garage:Do you need safe and reliable auto repair service at a price that big chain autoshops would laugh at you for? Come down to Junkers Autoshop where we have been servicing people for the last five years and building a reliable and unimpeachable reputation! We repair any make or model, exotic or podunk. We can turn your hotrod street legal with power to outrun the law. We can turn your podunk junk car run like you bought it new this year!

RP Hooks

Unusual Medicine: He's not a trained doctor and goes about healing in strange ways.

Fighty: Somewhere in his past, violence was a regular thing. Not so much now a days though.

Too Old For This Shit: He's old even for 47. He just wants to retire but life always gets in the way.

Changeling Stuff

Summer Stuff: The guy is always looking a little dejected but always just sighs and moves onto the next thing. A veteran of multiple riot-wars within his stint of The City, he's a fierce protector of his court and those whom he calls friends even if he does nothing but complain about it afterwards. As a rare Kith, he takes his job of keeping people alive and in tip top shape seriously. Some of his patients should have died but came out of the operating room with car parts where body parts used to be.

Spring Stuff: He's a healer that the Spring Court tried to lure but his inherent anger proved to lead him to Summer. He's a skilled healer, he protects other healers.

Mask: A guy in his fourties. Looks older than her should be with a good beard.

Mein: Hulking Ogre with a gasmask for a face, several mechanical bits where fingers should be and overall looks like he's jury-rigged himself back together.

Mantle: Feels a little hotter than it should be, aura of exhausted anger.

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Court: Summer

Mantle: 3

Spring GoodWwill: 1

Seeming :Ogre

Kith: Asclepian

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Played By: Bagels