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Staff: Pax

Application Status: CLOSED

Type of Game: Tier One

Faction: Home First (the Union)

Cell: Grey County Coyotes

Safe House: The Coyote Den

NPC Leader: Hannah Carpenter

Storyteller Scenes: Every other Saturday
from 6pm to 9:30pm EST.

"It was hard work, killing nightmares."

Welcome to Hunter!

If you'd like to create a Hunter character, the application to do so will be posted to this page by June 10th, 2023.


Jericho, Grey County, North Carolina - a simple place of quiet lives and deep roots, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. For generations, your kinfolk have drawn breath and toiled on this land, born under the shadows of the craggy peaks, and laid to rest beneath the same soil. Life in Jericho moves to the age-old rhythm of the rural and the mundane. But in the quiet corners and the deep, dark hours, things stir. Things that are far from mundane.

Being a local, you know Jericho as more than just a collection of locations on a map. You know the rhythm of its pulse, the echo of its tales, the pattern of its shadows. It's an intimate knowledge, an instinctual awareness born from generations of living, breathing, and surviving on this land. But something else shares this land with you, something unnatural and monstrous. And you know it, because you've seen it.

The realization of what lurks in the shadows came without a welcome. You weren't trained for this, didn't ask for this, but the truth of the horrors was thrust upon you. And in the face of it, you chose to fight. You banded together with other locals - the brave, the terrified, the desperate - in a loose union of common folk fighting an uncommon battle. You are part of a Home First cell, the local guardians of Jericho, who fight back the nightmares that lurk in the twilight.

Three years ago, this cell was born, not from a strategic meeting in a polished office, but from a dire need in a dark corner of Grey County. Your resources are limited, your support scant, your methods improvised, but your resolve is iron. Stakes are high - make a misstep, and the little that you have might be ripped away from you, swallowed by the looming presence of the Long Night. They're waiting, always waiting, to take over and purge the current personnel in their cruel and unkind manner.

You're in the thick of it now, a regular Joe or Jane holding the line, taking up arms, standing your ground, trying not to get caught. You're from here, you're a part of this, you're the hunter keeping the vigil. Time to bump back. For your kin, for your home, for Jericho.


  • Hope in the Face of Darkness - In a world where monsters lurk in the shadows, it can be easy to lose hope. Hunters find hope in the darkest of times and the least likely of places, and forge that hope into a weapon that ordinary people can use to fight back against the darkness no matter the odds.
  • What is Humanity? - Hunters may have special skills, special access, and special knowledge that they deploy as part of being the last line of defense between humanity and the darkness, but they themselves are fully human, and not supernatural. This game explores what it is to be a human deeply entrenched in an environment where more powerful monsters are all around you, and where the line between human and supernatural can often become a blurry one.
  • The Cost - Hunting monsters is not without its price. Hunters face danger, loss, and betrayal, and at every turn must make difficult choices, sometimes pitting mission critical objectives against that which they hold dear. Hunter is a game about the cost of fighting for what you believe in.


The Hunter sphere for this chronicle is a hard-hitting horror experience. While it is our goal to scare you, to unsettle you, to surprise you, and to thrill you, it is never our goal to trigger you or upset you. If images, audio, or descriptions of the following would make you too uncomfortable to enjoy the game, we gently recommend you consider another sphere.

  • Blood and Gore
  • Jump Scares
  • Violence
  • Spiders
  • Claustrophobia
  • Body Horror
  • Death and Dying
  • Suicide and Self-Harm
  • Torture
  • Psychological Manipulation & Mental Illness (specifically PTSD)
  • Abduction/Kidnapping

Please note that sexual assault is never an acceptable plot theme at Dark City, in this sphere or in any other.

House Rules


  • Last Stand - This merit can be used once per chapter, not once per session, and does not grant a free action.
  • We are not using Professional Training, or the Boxing Fighting Style.
  • There is a discrepancy between the Hunter and Core versions of Indomitable. We are using the Core version.

Custom Content

Hunter will not be accepting Custom Content submissions for the Jericho chronicle.

Sphere Index


Colt MurphyHunting Dog TrainerBroken Old Hunter
Daniel BowenMailmanMailman Hunter
Eddie JenkinsManager of Jenkins Guns and TackleSurvival Trainer
James EvansMechanicHero in the Corner
Jamie MurphyDoctorSmall Town Medic
Travis MartinezBartenderAvenging Prodigal Son


Hannah CarpenterWaitressHometown Revenge


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  • Characters should be created per the generation rules in Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Edition.
  • Instead of 1 free dot in Compact, you automatically receive 1 dot in Safe Place (Coyote Den), and 2 dots that you may use across Status (From Here), Allies, or Contacts to represent your local position and ties.
    • The Union and Home First should inform the theme of the game and your character, but your connection to them is solely through Hannah Carpenter, so your character has no official Status of their own, though that can be something they are working towards.
  • All Hunter PCs must be From Here concepts; no exceptions will be made.
  • Post-Chargen, your Cell will agree on 3 starting Tactics.
  • Ignore the Breaking Points section on the sheet.
  • You get 10 starting merit dots instead of 7.

Hunter 1.5 Application

The order of operations for apping to Hunter is as follows:

  • First, submit the answers to the application questions below in the form of a Ticket using our Ticket System.
  • Once reviewed and accepted by the ST, you will be provided with a link to the Hunter sheet. Fill it out and submit it in the same ticket.
  • Once reviewed and approved by the ST, please create a wiki profile for your character using this Form. It's easy, and should take no more than a few minutes, depending on how much information you want to include in your description, background, and hooks.

1. Basic history of your Hunter character before they took on the Vigil.
2. What were the circumstances of your character joining the Vigil? (Keep in mind their power level and the themes of the game: they probably didn't have a God Machine encounter, or kill a werewolf with their bare hands.)
3. This is a Tier One Hunter game. What does that mean?
4. Briefly describe the themes of our setting. What does it mean to you?
5. How does Teamwork differ from Hunter Tactics?
6. Who are the Hunter NPCs in Jericho? What are the Hunter-specific locations?
7. What is your character's personal motivation to keep a low profile?
8. What is your character's personal motivation to maintain the Vigil?
9. What aspect of Hunter the Vigil is most interesting to you?
10. What aspect of this chronicle in particular is most interesting to you?