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Open Spots: 5

Type of Game: Tier One

Compact: The Union

Faction: Home First

Cell: Grey County Coyotes

Safe House: Definitely real and in a real place
that I will really identify.

Hunter will be a playable splat in our Jericho chronicle! More information will be added to this page soon.

"It was hard work, killing nightmares."

Welcome to Hunter!

If you'd like to create a Hunter character, the application to do so will be posted to this page on June 1st, 2023.


More information coming soon.


  • Hope in the Face of Darkness - In a world where monsters lurk in the shadows, it can be easy to lose hope. Hunters find hope in the darkest of times and the least likely of places, and forge that hope into a weapon that ordinary people can use to fight back against the darkness no matter the odds.
  • What is Humanity? - Hunters may have special skills, special access, and special knowledge that they deploy as part of being the last line of defense between humanity and the darkness, but they themselves are fully human, and not supernatural. This game explores what it is to be a human deeply entrenched in an environment where more powerful monsters are all around you, and where the line between human and supernatural can often become a blurry one.
  • The Cost - Hunting monsters is not without its price. Hunters face danger, loss, and betrayal, and at every turn must make difficult choices, sometimes pitting mission critical objectives against that which they hold dear. Hunter is a game about the cost of fighting for what you believe in.


This information will be posted by June 1, 2023.

House Rules

Last Stand - This merit can be used once per chapter, not once per session, and does not grant a free action.

Custom Content

Hunter will not be accepting Custom Content submissions for the Jericho chronicle.



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Hannah CarpenterWaitressHometown Revenge


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 PlotIC DateCastSummary
Colt Murphy
Daniel Bowen
Eddie Jenkins
Hannah Carpenter
James Evans
Jamie Murphy
Travis Martinez