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Game-Wide House Rules


House Rule Conditions

Game/House Conditions

Mortal House Rules

All of Dark City's House Rules can be found here.

Character Creation

  • As with supernatural PCs, Mortals and Mortal+ PCs take 10 merit dots at character creation, in addition to their XP.

Changing Venues

  • Mortals have a 90 day waiting period before they can transition to other venues.
  • When transitioning to the Werewolf venue, Mortal/+ will first go through a period of being wolfblooded before being able to request the First Change.


This Merit only works with material forces, as specified by the book and the intended meaning (kinetic translates to force), and are intended to represent only a single force. So you might have Cryokinesis (Cold), but you would not have Cryohydraulic (Cold and Water). The merit may be taken no more than once.


Microtemplates are limited to the merits with in their template. The one exception to this is supernatural merits granted through an MCI.

Stat Tracking

  • Health, Willpower and other vital stats are tracked through your characters Tracking page.

Werewolf House Rules


Vampire House Rules


Changeling House Rules