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Godiva is a short, thin (though not an athletic thin) and rather humdrumly average looking young blonde woman, her Yorkshire accent adding a bit of rurality in the mix. She is prosaic and unassuming in the general sense of those words but also in the way she carries herself. Her lips are thin, her nose large and hawkish, she holds a bit of a slouch, her teeth are spaced and her blue eyes are usually circled with mild fatigue à la lack of sleep.


The truth of her is a draugr and a dvergr, a trow and dark-elf, or basically any of those worm-kin barrow-dweller folk lore creeps. Godiva is corpse pale, her lips are faintly blue and she has a cadaver’s glossy eyes. Her hair has taken on streaks of silver-grey mixed in with the now lifeless blonde. The tips of her ears tapper to choppy points, very Fairy Tale-esque, how quaint, except any promotion of appearance those might have provided are washed away by a haunted and hollow voice, her communication carried away on the wind by Hel. Her finger tips are persistently caked in dry blood flecks and occasionally weep new blood which, by right of Outlandishness, never stains anything or leaves a surface trace. She seems shorter and more insubstantial than she did before, which was already quite so. Truly a restless corpse who rather be sleeping eternally. Eight runic symbols dot her, six on her neck and two on her face, all of undiscernible purpose.


An aura of death clings to Godiva. Not decay, but clean and poetic death, as if one has just stepped beyond the threshold of a Barrow, ancient and chilled. It is a Stage death. Cold and moving, sad but needed. This is a subtle mantle, just like her fellow Silent Arrows.

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RP Hooks
Hook I: Under yond yew-trees lay thee all along

Godiva's a Yew for the Onyx Court, responsible to passing messages around the Freehold. She's been in New York City for a few years, most reckon maybe three or six years? You know you've seen her, maybe even she dropped off some message from the upper crust, told you about an errand. Godiva works closely with Douglas Roth, running requests and the like, some assume she works for him.

Hook II: The obsequies that I for thee will keep

Godiva was previously a Shakespearean actress and is now working at the Public Theater in New York. Her job there is off stage, as a Stitcher rather than an actress. She's good at binding and weaving things, making or fixing.

Hook III: Now is the winter of our discontent

Godiva escaped from Mother Goose and the wintery realm she resides in. She's let slip that she lost something during her escape, but full details have not been forthcoming, except to those who shared her torment in the Northwood.

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Godiva Everwick
Godiva Mein.jpg

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Full Name: Godiva Everwick
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Leechfinger
Age: 31
Height: 5'2"
Mantle: Winter
Title: Yew
Occupation: Stitcher at NYC Public Theater
Public Effects: Mantle (Winter) 3
Keeper: Mother Goose
Motley: None
Useful Things:

Born in Winter

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Played By: Saxo Dramaticus