From Dark City

Frequently Asked Game Questions

Are you open?

Yes, we are in live alpha. Open for play!

What can I play?

Right now, available for play:

  • Mortal
  • Mortal+
  • Sin-Eater
  • Werewolf
  • Wolf-Blooded
  • Vampire
  • Ghoul

We do not allow antagonistic concepts. We expect to add Changeling eventually, but there is no timeline attached to that.

What systems are we using?

Chronicles of Darkness Second Edition. Our Books list covers the books we have reviewed and are using. As books come out, we'll review them and decide what, if any, content we will include.

Are you going to add {Sphere}?


Can I invite people?

Please do!

Are you going to allow custom things?

The policies for this will vary from sphere to sphere. Please check your sphere page or ask the TL!

What sheets are you using?

These are linked on the Main Page

The wiki disagrees with the books!

Then the wiki is right.

This House Rule isn't on the wiki!

Then it isn't an actual House Rule until it's on the wiki, although do check the Rules section for rules clarifications; your question might be answered there as well.

How many Downtime Actions can I make in a week?

Ticketer limits you to one open plot action at a time, so you can begin a new one as soon as your previous action is closed out.