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Characters are encouraged to create custom Bloodlines. All custom bloodline requests will be considered equal, regardless whether or not you are updating a 1e Bloodline, something from Storyteller Vault, any other inspiration, or from any future 2e bloodline releases.

Keep in Mind:

  • Dark City Staff will not review any custom Bloodlines unless there are two active PCs OR if you can convince Staff that this Bloodline would be a good fit for one of their NPCs.
  • Dark City Staff will only review complete applications in the template (provided below). Any blank or empty spots on the Bloodline sheet cannot be completed later. (eg: Every Bloodline has access to up to five devotions; if submitted with only three devotions, that Bloodline will only ever have three devotions.)
  • Dark City Staff will not accept a custom bloodline application until after two of the PC's have completed one Vampire Plot Scene (ST or PrP at ST discretion). The only exception is for those bloodlines which fit one of the venue NPC's, in which case only one PC needs to have completed a Vampire Plot Scene. Do not seek our input or approval for a bloodline concept in any form until after these requirements have been met.

Helpful Themes for Bloodlines:

  • Bloodlines are an evolution of a Vampire's blood, their beast. Think of how a predator evolves to be better at catching its prey. Think of how a Vampire learns to better survive the Requiem they've chosen; how they fit in better or better control territory.
  • Bloodlines are a community -- they are people you are related to in some way, they share a blood tie with you. When you feel pain, they might understand. They'll know when you die, no matter how alone you are when it happens. Your Bane has evolved, and they may be the only ones who understand the new struggles you deal with.
  • Due to the distance between an idea and a completed bloodline, we will hold off on approving NPC involvement in bloodlines until the bloodline is fully fleshed out. It will ultimately be the ST's call whether a bloodline is a good fit for any given NPC, but there is no guarantee that one will be available.
  • Bloodlines are not about you. We are looking for you to create something that will outlive your character -- something other characters can see, be excited about, and join. A perfectly designed set of abilities sculpted around a character will be scrutinized.

Helpful Themes for Bloodline Devotions:

  • If a Bloodline is a focus or perversion of a Clan; a Devotion is the same for a Discipline. It is a new application of an old trick; it is what happens when you use the same Discipline the same way over and over again for years and years.
  • Where traditional Devotions are about weaving two Disciplines together, Bloodline Devotions are routed in a single Discipline weaved with the concepts of the Bloodline itself. This is also a control on power level; Bloodline Devotions should be in the range of costing 2 XP on average. A Bloodline with 5 Devotions akin to Cult of Personality or from Thousand Year of Night will be scrutinized.
  • Bloodline Devotions are not "The Discipline, but better". If they add dice, it should be in a new application. "Vigor x2, but only when using my favorite katana" is not going to fly.

Bloodline Application Template

Complete and submit the questions below in a Vampire ticket:

Associated PCs: (minimum 2 PCs or 1PC and 1 NPC)

Link to the log for your prerequisite Vampire Plot Scenes.

Bloodline Name:

Interaction with the Danse: (The Fluff -- Tell me a story. Make me understand your idea and what makes them different from others in their clan. Tell me how they fit into the greater World of Darkness.)

Parent Clan: (Typically one, sometimes two)

Nicknames: (Other alias' for the Bloodline members; including what they perfer to be called or derogatory names)

Bloodline Bane: (Think about the cost of power, think about how the curse evolves or twists, think about how evolution isn't perfect -- what's best for them might not be best for all)

Bloodline Disciplines: (Two must be from (each) Parent Clan; No more than two can be unique to a Clan)

Bloodline Gift: (A unique power that all members of the Bloodline have. This will be the hardest thing to balance; do not hesitate to have multiple ideas.)

Bloodline Devotions: (Up to 5; the amount will be locked upon approval of the request. Bloodlines are approved once!)