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Please open a ticket with the venue you wish to create a character in before you begin to build to discuss your character concept with the ST. Some venues have applications to take the place of this step.


  • Chronicles of Darkness Second Edition core rules + 126 xp.
  • Check out the Game Rules here to make sure you know how your sheet is going to work in play.
  • Civil Society Status cannot be higher than 2 at start.
  • We do not allow Professional Training on characters.
  • All players may have 1 custom item per PC. (Rite, Fetish, Devotion, Tell, etc..)
    • No Custom Merits
  • Attributes at 1 are at the ST's discretion. This is an XP rich environment, and it will be a rare case, that is essential to concept, for an attribute to be sanctioned at 1. In those instances, it will never be more than a single attribute.
  • ST Hooks: A new feature rather than Aspirations. Tell the STs what scenarios you'd like to be involved in.


  • Bullet points are fine; please just give staff enough to work with on crafting stories.
  • Please explain your Civil Society status as requested in each group's 'Joining' section. (Usually it's 'what I do, what I did to get here, and where I want to be'.)
  • Look at Mystery Cults Information here.
  • You may be a newcomer or a longtime resident.
  • Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged.

Capped Concepts



  • Make sure you used the symbols specified in the help tab of your sheet
  • Check the math on the sheet. Check it again.
    • 2.0 has flat costs.
  • Check Willpower, Defense, Harmony, Speed, Health, and other derived traits.
  • Equipment must follow our posted guidelines and the rules in the 2.0 rulebooks.
    • Review mundane equipment.
    • All custom mundane items must be reviewed. Use the custom item guide for prelim review.
  • Please add the full write up from the PDFs in the notes section of your character sheet boxes for merits, gifts, disciplines, haunts, rites, ceremonies, coils, etc..
    • To find the note's section, right click the box in question and go to 'Insert Notes'.
    • The FULL write up, from the title to the very end, including the name, prerequisites, and costs. We will decide what we don't need.


  • Please make a wiki, they are mandatory for final approval! Use the Character Page Generator to create your page.
  • Must have:
    • Name (whatever name or names other characters will call them).
    • Please make sure you didn't copy the template from the NPC page.
    • Easily noticed Public Effects.
    • 3 RP Hooks. They don't have to be much, but they should be SOMETHING for other players to say 'ahha, we can RP together because you sometimes hang out at Bob's Bar/you're from New York and I was once there'
    • All of the additional information required from your Sphere.
  • While not required, consider adding scenarios to your wiki. These can be things such as places your character is often found, or mannerisms that might draw attention and open up to a scene. These help to encourage others interactions, and often make starting scenes more natural and easier.
  • Make your tracker page using the Tracker template.
  • If you've gotten this far, please open your ticket with a Christopher Walken gif or video (This is Not a Joke). Thank you.