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ChangelingTicket Actions

Changeling Ticket Actions

First, please review the basic Ticket System.

Downtime Actions

Downtime actions can be any of the following ONCE per week. If you're brought in to help on another PC's ticket and take any of these actions, that will count towards it, unless it's only an assist on a team work roll.

  • Crafting
  • Researching
  • Investigating
  • Doing Small (not quite a scene) interactions with NPCs.

Harvesting/Healing/Clarity Rolls

Harvesting of all sorts isn't considered a weekly action and is expected. If you've not had a Harvest Roll within the week of a scene, you'll start scenes at half your max glamour. You can put multiple types of harvesting in the same ticket.

  • Harvesting Glamour
  • Harvesting Hedge Fruit
  • Rolling for Clarity Attacks
  • Healing Clarity
  • Noting interactions with Touchstones


These things are not considered a weekly action, and multiple items can be put into one ticket.

  • NPC Scene Request
  • Scene Request
  • Questions (though if possible, ask in OOC or Rules Questions)
  • Sheet Changes
  • XP Spends