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The Spring Court

The Antler Crown, the Emerald Court, the Court of Desire

Spring is a time of life, of rebirth, throwing off the cold blankets of Winter to reveal the desire bursting below. The Spring courtiers embrace their season like all the others, if not more. A gusto of passion before all else. A yearning for comforts and bittersweet emotional embraces. And they'll stop at nothing to get it.

The Emerald Court casts off their chains and live. They create and encourage art, sex, sensuality, joy, and zeal through a variety of methods, fortifying the courts with a passion for carrying on that is so easily forgotten when constantly looking over your shoulder. It is to these Courtiers the rest come to to remember that they're free. To take joy in the small things and use this new found liberty to take back the lives they lost.

While the Winter bring information, Autumn their magics, and Summer their weapons for war, Spring brings everything between. It is the Antler Crown that provides comforts and healing, parties and connections. Social creatures that offer a steady hand to step back out into the world of the mortals, helping the Lost to not just survive among them, but thrive.

For many of the other courtiers passion seems easy, but desire once born is difficult to reign in, and for Spring all the easier to allow to grow freely. Their appetite for jubilation influences their actions and drives their motivation in all things, sometimes to the point of destruction. A Spring Courtier will dance in the face of danger, push a relationship to its brink, encourage behaviors that aren't always the healthiest, all for the sake of fulfilling that inner lust.

The social hierarchy of the court is a constantly shifting maze of current triumphs and recent faux pas, and so the internal structure of the Emerald court tends to be more fluid than most. Certain positions hold required skills, but can just as easily be lost with a slip up in Freehold Society.


  • The Spring Court heals: They have a mundane clinic in Queens with a special hollow for everyone in the Freehold to use for healing.
  • Get the Party started: No event will go unmarked without a celebration. If we set aside our dedication to joy, we deny ourselves the very purpose of life.
  • A Slice of Passion: Should anyone in the Freehold have a passion project they desire to get off the ground, it is Spring who will do their absolute best to support it; monetarily, emotionally, socially, or otherwise.

Spring Oath

The Spring Oath may be made in any glade, park or copse of trees within the Freehold of New York, or within the Court itself. The Changeling sheds a tear upon a single flower of their choice, which if Spring accepts, will open and bloom. The longer the Changeling lives and grows stronger in the Court, the bigger, more colorful and sweeter the bloom will be. In death they are preserved forever, becoming as marble to adorn an altar of remembrance. In betrayal, they wilt, rot and grow acrid to the senses.

I pledge my heart and loyalty to the Court of Spring, and will honor its patronage by devoting my life to upholding its ideals to the best of my ability.

Benefit: Once per Chapter, gain the Inspired condition when affirming your own or someone else's joy.
Consequence: Any social maneuvering attempts you undertake during the Season of Spring require an additional door to be opened to succeed.

Spring Titles


Searces specialise in discreetly interviewing new or potential Spring Court members to determine their potential value to the Court. Those who impress the Searce with their talent, skills, passion, experience or attitude are more likely to be introduced to members of the Court with higher status. Those whom the Searce finds rude, awkward or worse, boring, are often simply not looked at at all, while more promising individuals are put on the fast track to the social and political workings of the court. Searces most often possess high levels of Empathy, Socialize and Investigation, although Subterfuge, Persuasion and Intimidation are also useful Searce skills.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle or Court Goodwill 2+, Socialize 2+, Persuasion or Intimidation 2+, Empathy 2+, Investigation 1+
Position Holder:


The title of "Claviger" is given to those Spring Courtiers who serve as bodyguards and protectors of Emerald Courtiers, especially current or former Vernal Sovereigns who realise that their position puts them at greater risk of retribution from political opponents or may bring them to the attention of the Fair Folk. Clavigers are usually those whose passions drive them to excel in the martial arts. These focuses are sometimes accompanied by a passion for history or military science. Claive may have an alternative title that reflects their focus. Clavigers gain little title alone little prestige, though some gain an exceptionally strong mantle, especially when their skill is honoured through true dedication to the art of their martial skill.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Fighting Skill 3+, Intimidation 1+, Wits 3+, No Physical Attributes Below 2
Position Holder:


The Spring Court must know who needs their help. Understanding the emotional state of the Lost is vital in healing it. An Espy makes it their job to gather rumors, secrets, struggles, triumphs, and whispered stories to bring back to the Emerald Courtiers for use. It's not meant to be the spy network of the Winter Court, but more so the helping hand that knows where to apply pressure. This title is typically kept quiet outside of the Antlered Crown. No one will relay their innermost desires if they know someone is reporting back.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Wits 3+, Manipulation 3+, Socialize 2+, Empathy 2+, Subterfuge 2+
Position Holder:


Many see Spring Courtiers as self-centred, but what happens when one’s true desire is to inspire happiness in others? Where Muses inspire others to feats of creative excellence, Joyeux facilitates happiness in those around them. For some, this entails a life of random acts of kindness bestowed upon others, while others plot and plan elaborate schemes designed to defeat sorrow, fear and anger and replace it with joy, contentment and happiness. Joyeux most often possesses high levels of Investigation and Empathy. Contacts, Resources and Allies make their job easier as well.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Empathy 2+, Investigation 2+, Resources/Allies/Contacts 3+
Position Holders:

Spring Roles

Besides titles the there are many other ways to help the Spring Court and the Freehold.


Whether they’re tending mundane plants or those native to the Hedge, few Lost have as green a thumb as the gardeners of the Spring Court.
Position Holders: Briar Rose


Counsellors of the Emerald Court have access to the tools of Desire, which can (when wielded properly) allow them to serve as facilitators, truth-catchers, advisors and confidants to those upon whose shoulders rests the burden of power. They also can draw on diplomatic skills that have been well-honed in the shifting politics of the Antler Crown.
Position Holders: Payton Verhasselt, Briar Rose


The Autumn Court pursues mastery of mystical rites and rituals as their raison d’etre, but the Spring Court aren’t too far behind. From solemn solstice ceremonies to bacchanalian orgies, the Emerald Court understands the power of sacred acts, filling them with special effects, role play, libation, sacred mysteries and more.
Position Holders:

Social Coordinator

Not all celebrations thrown by a freehold are Glamour-imbued rituals of deep spiritual meaning. Sometimes the Lost gather over beer and pizza to watch the Super Bowl or host an evening of opera, performance art or spoken word that is attended by changelings and humans alike.
Position Holders: Fiona DeRosiers


While Summer’s wrath and Autumn’s fear are often vital to a freehold’s defence, Spring is also capable of lending support. Whether it is rousing a garden-army to protect the freehold’s fall-back point, acting as a combat medic to heal the wounded, or sending an attacker off to pursue other Desires. Some even are capable of standing with Summer and Autumn at the front.
Position Holders:


Payton Verhasselt

Fiona DeRosiers

  • Resources 5
  • Contacts (Arts, High Society, Wall Street)
  • Allies (City Politicians, Arts, High Society)

Briar Rose

  • Sugar Me Scents, including its alchemical laboratory & goblin fruit farm.
  • Gainful employment with reasonable income, as well as emergency healing services.
  • Droughts, tinctures, potions & elixirs from various oddments & goblin fruit.
  • Divination.

Mr. Weeper

  • Resources 4
  • Contacts (NYPD, Fixers, Lawyers)
  • Allies (The Erinyes, Corrupt NYPD)


  • Cest la vie
  • A small clinic in Queens for healing.
  • A collection of actual regalia: jewels, crowns, scepters, etc..


The members of the Spring Court in New York City.

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