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Bud GallagherGallery

Personality: Bud's better at talking over a text message or into a microphone than he is in person. It's not that he's anti-social, it's just the vibe isn't right. His smile comes off as forced, he's no master of small talk. He still tries, but it can come off as creepy more than well-meaning, to his frustration. His fairly easygoing nature, however, drops like a rock if his personal property is trespassed upon: Knowingly violating the Holy Killing Ground is by far the fastest and easiest way to destroy his good mood, and he'll try to lead non-hostile intruders back to safety the moment he finds out about it, or scare them off if that fails.

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RP Hooks
Radio Shack: Bud anonymously moonlights as "Luther Van Andel", a false identity to occasionally broadcast a radio show, "Encounters With the Eldritch". In it, he'll frequently request listeners to call in and talk about their bizarre or unexplainable experiences, but as the show isn't that big, more often than not he'll simply talk about urban legends, popular cryptids, or his own experiences instead. Listeners of the not-so-human kind paying attention will likely realize that through the haze of pop-culture and reading of online articles, an odd amount of these accounts of the supernatural end up more credible than not.

Night-Time Nuisance: Bud, to put it simply, has a really bad habit of messing with people. Every so often at night, he'll go out and transform, looking for lone humans to people-watch. The more isolated and further from civilization they are, the better. He's been stabbed and shot for this, but he just can't bring himself to stop - the most thrilling moments are getting the chance to watch something else out there, watching them, and to see what that human will do when witnessing the unknown.

Snoopy Dog: Bud keeps a lookout while fixing things to check for signs of pests nesting into an area: Chewed wires, animal droppings, unusual damage to a structure and the like. It's mundane more of the time than not, but one can never be careful when looking out for Shartha, and you'd be surprised how far a uniform and toolkit will let you look around before people start asking questions.

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Dedicated Locus/Safe Place
Urhan Form

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Bud Gallagher

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Age: 37

Pronouns: He/Him

Height: 6'0

Hair: Brown, greying

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Repairman, Handyman, Groundskeeper, varying on whoever's currently paying.

Public Effects: Skin Thief facet (Rottweiler Urhan form).

Auspice: Ithaeur

Tribe: Hunters in Darkness

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Played By: User:Frosty