Black Light Runes

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Note: This plot is intended for the Mortal/+ sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Mortal/+ characters.


Graffiti is nothing novel in New York, nor are fancier iterations like spraypaint activated by black lights. But lately, some tags with weird runes have started appearing in seemingly random locations, all across each of the five boroughs.

Plot Details So Far

  • Some graffiti artists, and at least one bar patron, had strange reactions after being exposed to a black light spraypainted symbol, and most of them died from the exposure.
  • The federal government has gotten involved in modifying the autopsy reports of the people who passed away.
  • Nanites somehow got into the bloodstream of the victims through the spray paint, resulting in extreme physical abnormalities like superstrength, as well as strong instability, and in most cases, heart attacks.

IC Rumors

  • Elspeth Morrow let's others know after collecting the black matter the man puked up, she did a little research on it, testing it for various compounds to see if could be defined. The substance is a mixture of bile and... something else, something that is highly corrosive; not quite enough to eat through all organic material like acid, per se, but if concentrated, it could probably burn right through clothing or tissue. Once some of the chemical bonds are broken down to separate out the substance from the generic "this-was-in-a-body" muck, and isolate it, there is no doubt that it is something synthetic. There are unidentified proteins in the black, tar-like soup, compounds that are elegantly strung together and are very unlikely to be naturally occurring. And sometimes it moves. She put it in a container where she hoped it will be safe and tried to feed it. Sugars and proteins at first, just to see where it would go. But it didn't eat. The sugar and proteins just bonded with substance rather than be consumed.
  • Veda Rivera Collected the names of the Government officers who visited Ronaldo Souza's remains. M. Reicher, J. Cairo, P. Stanz. Reicher went back a second time. I was unable to collect any further information on them though.
  • Eleanor Mei Brantley spreads some information that she knows at least one of the symbols that "infected" the "The Sick Man" she even made a picture. After taking some files out of the morgue, Eleanor is sure that they get "infected" with nanites that self-produce and kill the host. They are applied via spraypaint bottles from the graffiti. After meeting with a Nanite specialist Dr. Geoffrey Fawn, there is no doubt about this. She is now seeking help on trying to find the people who can build the nanites and create the spray cans.
  • Deni, through contact with Fenton, shares that the nanites were manufactured in a subterranean facility roughly 40 miles north of the Dulles airport, as well as that one of the "infected" bodies was dissected by a Dr. Bernard Sutton from the Department of Energy before being cremated.

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