Black Flag

From Dark City
Staff: Pax, Raddish

Status: Not Open

Open Spots: 15/15 (More may open later)

Type of Game: Changeling the Lost 2e

Themes and Triggers: Liberation, Fighting Oppression, Loss, Grief

Location: The Caribbean Sea.

"Give me freedom or give me the rope. For I shall not take the shackles that subjugate the poor to uphold the rich." - John Golden

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The Freehold

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The Port City

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The Maritime Courts

Court of The Tides

The Shifting Keel, The Crashing Court, The Court of Desire

A Never Ending Cycle

Like the tides crashing in and sailing away, The Shifting Keel is a paradox in and of itself. The Crashing Court is always changing and adapting to the world around it, but it seems to always cycle back in on itself returning to the shores it pulled away from. Their ever changing pace can be difficult for some to fathom, but all in the Freehold can be sure that a Shifting Courtier will be there when they are needed.


The tides carry everything one needs when you are on the sea, and like this the Court of Desire harvests the wants and needs of mortal man for their own gain. By spending a scene building up a Mortals desires, they can roll an Attribute + Skill and harvest a number of Glamour equal to their successes.


Effect - The Mantle of the Tides is one of cycles, the ebb and flow of change lives around a Shifting Courtier. At lower levels, the change is barely noticeable, however as their station grows within the court the change becomes more dramatic and pronounced. The lapping sound of waves crashing on sand, small objects sliding back and forth around them, and the warm wet breeze blowing in from the ocean can be felt.

Passive - A Crashing Courtier gains a point of Glamour when they overstep their bounds to cause significant change.
• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots to mundane rolls to seduce or attract someone.
•• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots when taking mundane actions that encourage or bring about over-indulgence.
••• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots during mundane teamwork actions to help an ally achieve her goals.
•••• - Regain an additional Willpower point when you would regain one through your character’s Needle.
••••• - Once per chapter, you may convert a single Clarity Condition into a different, beneficial Condition of your choice. When you do, regain one Clarity. Your character may use this to convert an ally’s Clarity Condition instead.

Court Contract: The Contacts of Spring, with a theme of the ebb and flow of waves

Court of The Skies

The Shining Figurehead, The Burning Court, The Court of Wrath

A Scorching Blue Heavens

The sea offers no shade for the glaring watchful eye of the sun, and its heat can reduce a man down to only his most base of emotions. The hateful fire int he sky causes rage to boil in the hearts of The Burning Court, and they turn their rage against the enemies of the freehold and fight to maintain its safety.


As much as they have a fire inside them, A Burning Courtier can stoke the fires in others then drain them of that rage as Glamour for themselves. By spending a scene stoking the rage of a Mortal, then can roll an Attribute + Skill and harvest a number of Glamour equal to their successes.


Effect - The Mantle of The Skies draws its power from the endless heavens. Those who bare it seem larger than life, as their presences seems to stretch as far as the skies above. The heat of the angry sun boils out from them, at low levels only just off their skin while the highest can warm a room when they enter.

Passive - A Shining Courtier gains a Glamour point whenever they enact their wrath and successfully furthers a goal.
• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots to mundane rolls to intimidate or cow someone.
•• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots to mundane attack rolls when actively defending her freehold against a fae threat.
••• - Gain general and ballistic armor equal to your character’s Mantle dots, which stacks with worn armor, when acting as a protector, bodyguard, or champion for someone else.
•••• - Automatically succeed on attempts to break through mundane barriers or otherwise deal with inanimate impediments.
••••• - When defending a member of your character’s freehold, her mundane attacks deal aggravated damage.

Court Contract: The Contracts of Summer, with a theme of the burning sun and open skies.

Court of The Storms

The Rippling Sails, The Howling Court, The Court of Fear

A Terrible Brewing Storm

There is nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of sailors and islanders alike than the crashing of lightening and the howling of the wind. The Rippling Court embodies that fear and their magic rides the storm across the seas, pushing the enemies of the Freehold deep into their hiding places.


By rolling an Attribute + Skill, one of the Howling Courtier’s can spend a scene building up the terrors of the mortal mind, then pull the fear out of them as pure glamor, regaining a number of glamour equal to their successes.. The Court of Fear sows the seeds of fear in the people around them and then harvests it like a fresh crop.


Effect - The Mantle of a Howling Sorcerer is unpredictable. In one moment it may be calm to the point of being almost non-existent, then howling and raging winds blowing around them. As spend glamour, lightening crackles in the air around them as the storm continues to grow. Then as quickly as it appeared, the Rippling Courtier’s mantle dies down leaving an eerie stillness in the air around them. Rain drips from their fingers, wind tassels their hair, and electricity crackles along their skin.

Passive - When a Howling Lost overcomes their fear to investigate something new and dangerous, they gain a Glamour.
• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots to mundane rolls to investigate supernatural magics.
•• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots to mundane rolls to intimidate or otherwise instill fear in someone.
••• - Reduce the Glamour cost of Contracts by one when using them to subvert effects from supernatural magics.
•••• - Once per story, reduce your character’s Goblin Debt by his Mantle rating.
••••• - After a magical effect affects your character, you may spend 2 Glamour to mimic that effect exactly, and may choose a new target. You must do this within the same scene that he was affected.

Court Contract: The Contracts of Autumn, with a theme around a growing storm.

Court of The Depths

The Sunken Anchor, The Drowning Court, The Court of Sorrow

A Frozen Unfathomable Sea

The warm lapping waves on the beaches are little more than mask worn by the ocean. Her heart is cruel and icy. Those that sink down into her depths are never seen again. The Court of the Depths draws on the dark mysteries of the oceans to protect their people. They weaponize the sorrow of all those lost to the endless seas and turn it as a blade against their enemies.


Members of the Court of The Depths is able to draw the sadness and sorrow out of those around them. By spending a scene with a mortal they can take their sorrow in form them in the form of glamor. Roll an Attribute + Skill that represents how you are drawing their Sorrow from them, and gain Glamour equal to successes.


Effect - The Deep Mantle is less flashy than most others.. At lower levels, only a slight pressure change might be felt around them, or a chilling of the air. Then at higher levels, the pressure can feel almost choking and the cold emanating from them can send chills along their spine. When a Sunken Courtier moves quickly, they leave ripples in the air around them as if pushing through deep water, and when they stand in one place for too long, dark waters begin to pool at their feet.

Passive - When a Drowned Lost convinces someone to accept their grief as a part of life, they regain a point of Glamour
• - Enemies suffer a Penalty equal to your character’s Mantle dots to roll to notice them when they are deliberately spying.
•• - Gain bonus dice equal to your character’s Mantle dots when obscuring the truth.
••• - When your character surrenders in a fight, gain bonus dice equal to her Mantle dots to any subsequent Social actions for the rest of the scene.
•••• -  Spend a Glamour point to bind someone in their own misery. For the rest of the scene, any time the target enters a fight, they suffer the Beaten Down Tilt and must spend 2 Willpower to end it.
••••• - Your character ignores wound penalties. For each health box filled with lethal or aggravated damage, gain a one-die bonus on Physical actions, to a maximum of +5.

Court Contract: The Contracts of Winter, with a theme around the frozen depths of the ocean.

House Rules

Approved Books

Only the following books will be allowed:

  • Changeling the Lost 2e Core
  • Kith and Kin - Kiths Only
  • Dark Era's 2 - Ship Chase/Combat (Pg. 305) and Kiths Only (Pgs. 69, 70, 368)
  • Hurt Locker - General and Fighting Style Merits Only

Banned Kiths

  • Becquerel
  • Concubus
  • Ghostheart
  • Wisewitch
  • Gravewight


Weapons of the 18th Century

Armor of the 18th Century


Dual-Kith ••••
Prerequisites: Wyrd •••+
Effects: Your character benefits from the blessings of two different kiths. Upon taking this Merit, you may select an additional kith, subject to any restrictions set by the Storyteller. You gain the benefit of both kiths’ blessings, and your appearance may reflect both aspects.

Custom Content

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Sphere Index


Bonny BellSurgeonSlightly Mad Surgeon
Camille RossiHerbalist / AlchemistCompassionate Celestial
Edwin WestlyMoney LenderSickly Pledgemaster
Elias CroweHarbormasterAvian Gatekeeper
Gideon GreyTotally Legit MerchantSmuggler with a heart of gold
Hezekiah HenwoodCarpenterHaunted Woodsman
Jacapo CervantesProprietor of the House of CharityAcceptable Degenerate
Jessica FoxBrothel OwnerStormborn Siren
Selena SolisPalm-Reading Sea WitchFreedom's Oracle


Captain BrigbreakerShips Captain
Captain MarrowdeepShip Captain
Captain WavecrestShip Captain
Captain WindfuryShips Captain
Lord Griswold RemingtonPlantation Owner


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