Aya Bishop

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Aya Bishop
BirthdateJuly 7, 1997
HairWavy Brown
OccupationUrban Fantasy Writer
ConceptCryptid She Wrote
Played ByVanessa Anela Moe
Player NameMuse
StatusActive PC


Aya is a woman that looks like life handed her everything. Fame, Wealth, Beauty. Poised in her prime, the twenty-something woman is best described as 'radiant'. Her large hazel eyes are strikingly clear, her lips sharpen into the corner, and fall into smirking easily, brown waves of hair are usually left loose about her face, and her brows are on point. When she smiles or laughs, she lights up with an easy and infectious warmth. (Striking Looks 2: Radiant)


Aya Bishop has had a meteoric rise to fame (3) due to her Urban Fantasy (Romance) 'Parker Harrison' series, which has gained world wide fame and been translated into 32 languages. When she isn't on tour, she calls Chicago her home, though according to her website, she's got a writing cabin somewhere in the United States.

It was on the way to that cabin, to try and make some progress on her over due book 4, that she hit something just outside Jericho in the middle of the night. With her car in the shop, she's starting to settle into the town and it's cast of 'characters'. Her new landlord definitely has her thinking she might find some inspiration in this small Appalachian town.

RP Hooks

You're Not From Around Here Are You? - Aya Bishop is certainly not a local. With how fast talk travels, everyone probably knows by now she hit something in the middle of the night and her car is in for repairs, while she lingers in town.

Aren't You.... - Aya Bishop is a well known author of an Urban Fantasy Romance series, collectively known as the Parker Harrison Series. Fans have been eagerly awaiting book 4!.....which she was on her way to write when her accident happened. (Fame 3)

What Did I Hit... - Aya told the mechanic that she hit something...it ran in front of her car and was huge. But there was no body, no blood, just a tuft of fur and a broken up car. It's been plaguing at night though....what did she hit?


Rusty Murphy - Seems like a decent guy, he's letting me rent a room from him.
Arlene Kinsey - I'm going to write a monster just for her, look for it in book 9.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Omelet You Finish 2023-06-14 Rusty Murphy's House Travis Martinez, Aya Bishop, Arlene Kinsey Arlene visits to sell some weed, but makes a new friend! Aw!