Antoine Twill

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Antonie Twill
Antoine Twill.png
BirthdateNovember 6, 1994
OccupationMechanic at Le Carnivale Magnifique
ConceptMindful Mechanic
BurdenThe Bereaved
StatusActive NPC


Amidst the rhythmic hum of a semi-truck's engine, Antoine Twill stands tall and powerful, a dedicated mechanic immersed in the dance of gears and machinery. His strong build is evident as he leans into the massive engine, hands deftly navigating the labyrinth of metal. Clad in attire adorned with oil stains, Antoine is the epitome of a skilled tradesman. His small locks of hair are pulled back into a practical ponytail, keeping focus on the task at hand. Dark brown eyes, reflecting both the challenges and triumphs of his work, meet the complexities of the engine with unwavering expertise. Amidst his work, Antoine's kind smile persists, a beacon of approachability amidst the industrial landscape.

RP Hooks

Carnival's Mechanical Heart: Antoine Twill, the unsung hero of the carnival, plays a crucial role in keeping the myriad machines and engines running smoothly. Everything from the motorcade to the lights, latrine, if it needs fixing Antonie is there to help. What has Antone helped you with? When was a time you needed him and he showed up before you could even ask?

Overcoming Disquiet: Antoine Twill, empathetic and resilient, seeks to overcome the disquieting effect caused by the Created within the carnival grounds. He is not immune to the effects Azoth, but he strives to push beyond them and fight the feeling. How does he manage to do this? How does he rid himself of the taint? Why is willing to do this for people he doesn't know?

Ghosts of the Carnival Past: Through the years of travel, spirits have attached themselves to the Carnivale. Accidental deaths within the tents, lovers seperated by distance and travel, curios picked up along the way. All these things could attach a Ghost, and Antoine seems to have a connection with them. Has Antonie helped you with a Ghost before? What are your feelings on the way he looks at your not quiet dead flesh?


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