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"Tend to the Material, and the Shadow will grow. Step on my garden though and I'll cut you."

Lex is a tough bitch, as far as mortals go. Perhaps it's the way she always has resting bitch face, or perhaps its her tendency to challenge what she thinks are bad ideas. Either way, she carries an menacing aura that prompts most trouble makers to think twice. It's come in handy in her capacity as a bouncer, and Last Rites has quickly become her favourite venue for obvious reasons.

That's not to say that she's disrespectful though. "The Low Honor The High" is something that Lex embraces, and she is loyal to a fault to The People and their purpose. She's eager to help in whatever capacity she can, which lately has been endeavouring to bring about positive change to the Fallen World in order to encourage positive growth in the Hisil.

Lex refuses to be a liability though, and can keep up as well as the next person. There's a darker side to her though - she has eyes that have seen things and, while that may be common in a world of darkness, it's clear that something weighs upon her.

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RP Hooks
  • The Gardener - Lex describes herself as a gardener. She's limited in how she can help The People police spirits, so she does her best to help by fostering positive environments in the world of man.
  • Call Me Loyal - Lex is proud to be Wolf-Blooded and refuses to back down when asked to help the Uratha, no matter the danger.
  • Star Jammer - Lex is an absolute prodigy at roller derby. She claims its her zen place, but one has to wonder if she doesn't just love knocking other people over. She plays under the name "Anne Garishuz" - maybe you've seen her in action?
  • Queer Vibes Save Lives - Lex enjoys the LGBTQIA+ night life, and works as a bouncer at several accommodating bars. Her personal favourite is, of course, Last Rites.

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Alexandra "Lex" Delune
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Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 27
Occupation: Bouncer, Roller Derby Star Jammer
Public Effects: Striking Looks Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Fenris-Ur's Blood

Tell: Exciting
Tribe: None
Pack: None

Played By: Ravenwood